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Bishop Robert W.B. Elliott
"Upholding the Faith and Mission of the Church"
We work and pray for the renewal of the Church's faith and faithful practice according to
the best models and examples of the Anglican Communion worldwide throughout our  

The Bishop Elliott Society began in 1993 under the leadership of the Rev. Walter L. Prehn,
the Rev. Frank Fuller and others.  After a hiatus of some years, the renewed Society was
incorporated in 2003, and continues to grow and serve the Church throughout the region.

It is named for The Rt. Rev. Robert W.B. Elliott, first Episcopal Missionary Bishop
(1874-1887) of what was then the Missionary District of Western Texas.  We take him for a
model for many sound examples:  Missionary leader, educator, builder, evangelist, and
uncompromising orthodox Anglican.  Click
here for more information about Bishop
Elliott, his work and his wisdom.
The Bishop Elliott Lectures.  Each year the Society  hosts one or more lecture series featuring a major
figure of the Anglican Communion, who will address us on topics suggested by our Advisory Board
and building up the traditional faith, life and values of our Diocese.  The Lectures will be an occasion
for fun, fellowship and stimulation of the soul.  Dinner will be served, questions will be welcomed
and an opportunity for worship will be provided.  See our current plans by clicking here.

Resources.  The Society  recommends resources that promote the growth of the Faith as this Church
has received the same.  Each Christmas the Society provides a book selection to the clergy of the
Diocese of West Texas to stimulate their study and sound teaching and preaching. The Elliott Society
E-Newsletter and the  Society website will feature occasional book reviews, reflections and
announcements.  To view the Society's Rule of Life, view here.

Networking.  We continue to build a learning community with fellow Christians in the Church in
south Texas who will maintain apostolic faith and practice through prayer, study, witness and action,
and we pledge ourselves to a rule of life that makes this real.

The Bishop Elliott Scholars.  When in time sufficient capital has been raised to begin an endowment,
the Society will seek to provide scholarship funding for members of our Diocese to be able to pursue
advanced theological education and preparation for mission and ministry.  We envision the Bishop
Elliott Society Scholarships as a vitally important commitment to the faith of future generations of the
To find out more about becoming an Associate of the Bishop Elliott Society, click here.
For further notes about the history and background of the Bishop Elliott Society, see here.
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