& Other Events
2006 – Fall
The Very Rev. Dr. William S. Stafford
Dean of the School of Theology
Sewanee -- The University of the South

"Yet She on Earth Hath Union with God the Three in One:"
Conflict & Division, Peace & Union
in the Church in Past & Present
St. Thomas' Church, San Antonio

2006 – Spring
The Right Rev. David M. Reed
Bishop Suffragan (then-elect), Diocese of West Texas

Towards A Missionary Church: Then & Now
Reflections on the life of Bishop Robert. W.B. Elliott
Church of the Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi

The Bishop Elliott Society hosted the
Anglican Communion Institute
in San Antonio
January 11-14, 2006
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Anglican Communion Institute

2005 – Fall
Inaugural Lecture of the Second Series
The Very Rev. Dr. Philip W. Turner III
Interim Dean, Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest
Dean Emeritus of the Berkeley Divinity School/Yale
Vice President of the Anglican Communion Institute

Redeeming the Times
St. Luke's Church, San Antonio

Lecture I:  The Times
Lecture II:  The Renewal of Your Minds (A)
Lecture III:  The Renewal of Your Minds (B)

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The First Series

The Rev. Canon A.M. Allchin
Canon, Canterbury Cathedral; Librarian, Pusey House, Oxford

Celtic Christianity Now:  An Anglican Exploration
Church of the Reconciliation, San Antonio

Justo Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Emory University

An Evening with Justo Gonzalez
St. David’s Church, San Antonio

R. William Franklin, Ph.D
General Seminary, New York

The Inaugural Lecture

The Development of An American Anglicanism:
The Formative Power of Bishops Hobart and Moore
St. Luke’s Church, San Antonio
The Right Rev. Dr. N.T. Wright
Bishop of Durham

The Bible and Tomorrow's World
a special conference November 23-24, 2007
Radisson Hotel Downtown Market Square

2007 – Fall
The Very Rev. Douglas Travis
Dean, Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest
Austin, Texas

Speaking the Truth, Hearing the Truth, Loving God
St. Luke's Church, San Antonio

2007 – Spring
The Rev. Professor M. Christopher Bryan
C.K. Benedict Professor of New Testament,
The School of Theology at Sewanee: the University of the South
Editor, The Sewanee Theological Review

The Resurrection of the Messiah
Church of the Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
About Us
Dr. Philip Jenkins, Ph.D.
Edwin Earle Sparks Professor of the Humanities for history and religious studies, Penn State University and
Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University

Faith and the Future
The Futures of Christianity and the Modern World
St. Luke's Church, San Antonio

The Rev. Dr. Leslie Fairfield
Emeritus Professor of Church History
Trinity School for Ministry

Loneliness, The Trinity, and Christian Community
St. Mark’s Church, Corpus Christi

Dr. Christopher Wells, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The Living Church Foundation

Passionate Word:
Purpose, Power, and Presence in Christian Speech
St. Luke's Church, San Antonio

Helped sponsor the conference entitled
Anglicanism—A Gift in Christ
The Anglican Communion Institute
Communion Partner Bishops and Rectors
St. Martin's Church, Houston, Texas

The Rt. Rev. Gary R. Lillibridge, D.D.
Bishop of West Texas

Hard-Pressed Jars of Clay:
Images from Second Corinthians for Today’s Anglicans
St. Luke's Church, San Antonio

The Rev. Canon Neal Michel, D.Min.
Canon for Development, The Diocese of Dallas

Core Values in the Anglican Communion
Church of the Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
2013 – Fall
The Rt. Rev. John W. Howe, Ph.D.
Third Bishop of Central Florida, Retired

Anointed by the Spirit
The Bishop Jones Diocesan Center, San Antonio

2013 – Spring
The Rev. Frederick W. Schmidt, Jr., Ph.D.
Perkins School of Theology, SMU

Making Sense of the American Spiritual Landscape (and Thriving in It)
St. George Church, San Antonio
2014 - Fall
The Rt. Rev. Michael G. Smith, D.D.
Bishop of North Dakota

People of the Land:  The Gospel in Native America
St. Luke's Church, San Antonio

2014 - Spring
Dr. Cheryl White, Ph.D.
Professor of History, Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Anglican Identity and Via Media: Forging a New Middle Way
Church of the Good Shepherd, Corpus Christi
2015 - Fall
The Rev. Professor Robert W. Prichard, Ph.D.
Arthur Lee Kinsolving Professor of Christianity in America and Instructor in Liturgy
Virginia Theological Seminary

Welcoming Jesus as Savior
in a Church that Does Not Always Seem Anxious to Meet Him
Christ Episcopal Church, San Antonio

2015 - Spring
Professor Peter Kreeft, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Boston College and King's College, NYC

Caught Between Cultures
City Church, Corpus Christi