Bishop R.W.B. Elliott

November 3-4, 2017
Christ Episcopal Church
San Antonio, Texas
The Rev. Jim Denison, Ph.D.
Resident Scholar for Ethics at Baylor Scott & White

speaking on the subject
About Us
Jim Denison, Ph.D., speaks and writes on cultural and contemporary issues. He produces a daily
column which is distributed to more than 113,000 subscribers in 203 countries. He also writes for The
Dallas Morning News, The Christian Post, Common Call, Huffington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer,
TheBlaze,, Religion News Service, and Pathos.

He serves as Resident Scholar for Ethics with Baylor Scott & White Health, where he addresses issues
such as genetic medicine and reproductive science. He serves as Senior Fellow with the 21st Century
Wilberforce Initiative, where he addresses issues related to politics and religious liberty. And he serves
as Senior Fellow for Global Studies at Dallas Baptist University, where he leads the Institute for Global
Engagement, chairs the Advisory Board, teaches doctoral seminars, and speaks frequently on campus.

Dr. Denison has taught philosophy of religion and apologetics for over thirty years with four
seminaries. He has spoken in China, Cuba, Brazil, Australia, Europe, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Bangladesh,
and Turkey. He leads frequent study tours in Israel, Greece, and Europe, and served as a short-term
missionary to East Malaysia.

Dr. Denison speaks widely on radical Islam, medical ethics, geopolitics, and other cultural issues. He
has served on the boards of Baylor Health Care System, Dallas Baptist University, Mercer University,
George W. Truett Theological Seminary, B. H. Carroll Theological Institute, Howard Payne University,
and the Center for Christian Ethics at Baylor University.

Prior to founding the Denison Forum in 2009, Dr. Denison was pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church, a
10,000-member congregation in Dallas, Texas. He also pastored churches in Midland and Mansfield,
Texas, and in Atlanta, Georgia. He earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Religion and Master of Divinity
from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and received a Doctor of Divinity degree from Dallas
Baptist University.

He is the author of seven books: Radical Islam: What You Need to Know; Wrestling with God: How
Can I Love a God I’m Not Sure I Can Trust?; The Bible–You Can Believe It: Biblical Authority in the
Twenty-First Century; The Myth and the Manger; Life on the Brick Pile: Answers to Suffering from the
Letters of Revelation; Seven Crucial Questions About the Bible; and It’s Your Mission: The Church’s
Responsibility to the Least of These. For more access to these books and more resources by Jim,
please see his personal site,

His wife, Janet, is a published author and speaker (, and directs www. They live in Dallas and are the parents of two sons: Ryan, a doctoral student at
B. H. Carroll Theological Institute; and Craig, Director of Brand Strategy and Spiritual Formation for
Denison Forum.
Friday November 3rd
Registration begins                      5:00 PM
Dinner                                         6:00 PM
Evening Prayer                           6:45 PM
First Address                              7:00 PM
Compline                                    8:30 PM
Continental Breakfast                 8:30 AM
Morning Prayer                          9:00 AM
Second Address                         9:15 AM
Break                                       10:00 AM
Questions & Answers              10:15 AM
Third Address                           11:00 AM
Noonday Prayers/Adjourn      12:00 Noon
Metanarratives and the Kingdom of God
Saturday November 4th
Why is same-sex marriage the law of the land? Why is euthanasia available to one in five
Americans? Why is religious liberty more challenged than ever before?

There are reasons why we think the way we do. Americans are influenced by three cultural
metanarratives. When we understand them, we are better able to understand where our
society is and where we’re going. And we'll discover practical ways to engage our fallen
culture with the transforming truth of God's word.