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Saturday April 21st
The Bishop Elliott Society presents
The 2018 Spring Bishop Elliott Lectures
April 21, 2018
Church of the Good Shepherd
Corpus Christi, Texas
The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson
Bishop Suffragan, Diocese of West Texas
Speaking on the theme
"Thank God we are not like THOSE people”
A Conversation about Hospitality, Orthodoxy, and Cultural Coding
If the knowledge of God is to cover the earth as the waters cover the
seas, then the people of God—and Episcopalians in particular—must
take seriously the challenges of contextualizing the ways we express our

Join in a conversation about what is essential, what is compelling (and to
whom), and where God may be calling us in our time.
Bishop Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, JD, was born in Corpus Christi and graduated BA from Yale
and JD from University of Texas School of Law.  Her theological education was taken with Fuller
Theological Seminary, from which she holds the Master of Arts in Global Leadership.  

Before her election in 2017 she served as Vicar of St. Elizabeth’s Church, Buda, and before that
as Assistant Rector at St. Stephen’s Church, Wimberley.  She is married to Carrick Brooke-
Davidson, and they have two adult children.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, and travel.