The Anglican Communion Institute
were hosted by The Bishop Elliott Society
San Antonio, Texas  January 11-14, 2006

Annual Conference Theme:

Anglicanism:  A New Season
Speakers included:
  • The Most Rev. Josiah Idowu-Fearon, Archbishop of Kaduna Province and
    Bishop of Kaduna, The Anglican Church of Nigeria.  
  • The Rev. Dr. Ephraim Radner, Rector, Ascension Church, Pueblo, Colorado:
    "Two  Providences:  Democracy and the Church In Her Midst"
  • The Right Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr, Bishop of South Carolina:  "The Anglican
    Communion:  Cairo and Beyond"
  • The Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Seitz, Professor of the Old Testament and
    Theology Studies University of Saint Andrews, Scotland: "One Scripture, Two
    Testaments: A Neuralgic Point in Anglican Interpretation"
  • The Rev. Dr. George Sumner, Principal and Helliwell Professor of World
    Mission, Wycliffe College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  (1) "The Cloud of Witnesses--
    Anglican Missions in the Past," (2) "In a Glass Darkly--A Possible Future for
    Anglican Missions"
  • The Very Rev. Dr. Philip W. Turner III, Interim Dean, Episcopal Theological
    Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, Texas:  "The Hard Road and the Narrow Way
    that Lead to Communion in Christ Jesus"
Panel Discussions:
  • "Where Have We Been as an Anglican Communion?" (Seitz, Radner, Turner &
  • "Where Are We Going as the Anglican Communion?"  (Fearon, Seitz, Radner, &
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